The CISO Service from SHC provides you with an experienced, senior management level resource that will help you to manage and steer your information security compliance/risk/governance initiatives and regulatory programs.

Increasingly, small and medium sized organisations are turning to a CISO service to help them gain control of their Information Security and Data Protection responsibilities. These companies know they need some focus and structure around information security and data protection but may not yet be able to justify a full-time member of staff to specialise in this area.


    Information Security Management for Small and Medium Enterprises

    Our consultant can perform any or all of the duties a full time equivalent would normally undertake in your organisation. The service focusses strongly on knowledge transfer, so that your company’s senior management can make better informed decisions on security and data protection issues. It will also help you to take on the management of information security and data protection in-house, if that is your long-term plan.

    The service can be finely tuned to meet your specific requirements and is normally delivered on-site or sometimes remotely, according to your requirement. This approach results in a highly customised service that ensures maximum benefit for your company.

    Why Should You Choose the CISO/DPO Service 

    There are a few common reasons why companies look at using a CISO/DPO service. Most often companies hire a specialist in the first place because there is a requirement to implement an external standard such as ISO 27001, GDPR or PCI and they need an experienced hand on the tiller. This can often turn into a longer-term relationship following the implementation phase.

    Since the turn of the century, security and data protection skills have been in increasingly high demand. It may be that you are struggling to find the right person to fill or back-fill a permanent position and need someone to hold the fort in on an interim basis until the right candidate can be found.

    A smaller company’s first contact with the security risk management world is often when they receive a security questionnaire or security audit visit from a larger customer. The customer may be in a regulated business sector, like finance, health or government. This can be daunting when first encountered and there will be a steep learning curve initially. A little guidance from an experience pair of hands can give a peace of mind at a stressful time.

    You may simply want someone to oversee your information security or data protection management system on a part-time basis and, if you want to ensure that you only pay for what you actually need, then a CISO/DPO service could be the answer.

    A CISO Service is Cost Effective

    Engaging a CISO/DPO from SHC may be much more cost effective than hiring a full-time employee. Depending on the size and nature of your business, you may only need someone weekly, monthly or quarterly rather than every day.

    They can provide guidance where you need it most, helping you to organise and prioritise your security policies, procedures and standards and deal with anything from PCI compliance, to staying on top of supplier risk assessments. An SHC CISO will be up to date on best practice and will have experience dealing with a wide variety of security and data protection issue.

    For many smaller companies it doesn’t make sense to invest in an expensive, full-time CISO/DPO when there is the option of engaging a CISO/DPO service. It’s a flexible solution with a range of options. You may wish to set up a retainer for a certain number of days per week/month/year or engage on a project by project basis You may prefer to buy a pot of support days and call them off as you need them. It’s completely scalable.