ISO 9001 consulting

ISO 9001 Consulting Services from SHC will help you become compliant and certified more quickly. Compliance with external standards such as ISO 9001 is a top priority for many organisations.

It provides a solid framework to establish quality standards and robust, efficient business processes. In some sectors, a Quality Management System (QMS) is increasingly becoming a requirement and effectively a license to trade.

For other organisations it demonstrates assurance of process and risk management which can provide significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.


    Gap Analysis

    An ISO 9001 gap analysis from SHC will compare and document your current Quality Management System with the requirements of the standard. We will carry out a detailed assessment of how you comply with the mandatory clauses of the standard by looking at all the relevant areas of your organisation and infrastructure.It will also help you to identify where there are adequate business processes in place and where there are areas for improvement.

    Developing Policies and Procedures

    Before carrying out an ISO 9001 implementation, it is common for organisations to have inadequate documentation and in some cases, no written policies or processes at all. Where policy gaps are identified, we can help you speed up the process of creating policy documents. We can provide both template and bespoke documentation. Our aim is to help you produce policy documents that are practical and brief enough to be useable but robust enough to provide effective quality and process management.

    Risk Assessment

    One of the most difficult and time-consuming elements of implementing ISO 9001 can be carrying out an operational risk assessment. All ISO management standards are risk based frameworks but not prescribe a specific risk assessment methodology. Choosing the correct risk assessment methodology for your organisation is an essential step toward effectively managing your operational risks.The risk assessment methodology should address the size of the risks versus organisational risk appetite, apply a proportional response. We take a pragmatic approach to assessing and documenting and prioritising the real risks to your business operations and help you to develop effective risk treatment plans.

    Internal Audit

    Before you can qualify for an ISO 9001 Certificate, you will need to implement an internal audit program. You will also need to have carried out at least some of the audits from your schedule. Our consultants can help you get up to speed quickly by walking you through the audit process. Our internal audit service is also aimed at organisations who already have an internal audit program in place but need assistance with the audit workload or who feel they would benefit from a fresh pair of eyes from time to time.

    Internal Audit

    ISO 9001 Certification Preparation

    We can provide expert assistance to guide you through the certification process to ensure you are fully prepared for the final certification audits with your UKAS accredited certification body. We can also attend the certification audits themselves, if you want the additional support, to ensure that the effectiveness of your Quality Management System is communicated to your external auditor, in terms that will be familiar to them.


    Management review

    Periodic management reviews are a cornerstone of an ISO 9001 based management system and you will need to have held at least one management review to gain certification. An experienced SHC consultant will guide you through the process and ensure effective review of internal and external audit results, security incident records and your updated risk assessments to help you ensure continual improvement of your quality management system.