Data Protection Consulting Services from SHC could help you stay the right side of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data protection compliance can be confusing.

The basic principles of data protection haven’t changed greatly since the introduction of GDPR although some specifics have and the risks associated with non-compliance are now much greater. Since May 2018, the maximum penalty for non-compliance is 4% of global turnover.

Timescales to report breaches and deal with requests from data subjects are shorter so it’s important to have streamlined processes so you are able to respond in a timely fashion.


    A small amount of specialist consulting from SHC can help enormously and provide some peace of mind. If you are concerned about costs, you’ll be happy to know that our rates are significantly lower than the big consulting firms and we typically get things done in a fraction of the time without the need for an army of consultants all over your business.

    We know how to apply the regulations

    So can rapidly assess your current state of privacy compliance. We can improve your policies and procedures, surprisingly quickly. We also recognise that different organisations want different things. Some want to remain hands-on and just want guidance and others want to outsource the compliance project entirely. We will remain sensitive to your preferred approach to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

    The basic principles of data protection haven’t changed greatly since the introduction of GDPR. You still need to ensure personal data is:-

    – Processed fairly and lawfully.
    – Collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.
    – Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary.
    – Accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.
    – Kept for no longer than is necessary.
    – Processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security

    But the devil is in the detail and the details do change so you need to be up to date. Also, penalties can now be as much as 4% of global turnover, and there is much greater accountability and burden of proof on the data controller so the risks to your business are now significantly higher.

    There are much higher standards for consent and increased rights for the data subject in the areas of rectification, erasure, restriction, objection and data portability. This means your data protection policies and procedures need to be more robust than ever before.

    Data Protection GDPR Compliance Services?


    Gap Analysis

    – Privacy Impact Assessment
    – Data Protection Policy review
    – Providing in-house training
    – Data Protection Officer (DPO) Service
    – Compliance Audit
    – Security Risk Assessment