9 Good Reasons to Choose ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is a mature management system with a heritage dating back to 1999 in the BS 7799 data security standard. It was created to help you control the security of the information in your business. ISO 27001 is often mistakenly taken to be an IT Security Standard. Information Technology is a key focus area but it is not the whole picture. The standard is equally concerned with how you manage hard copy information and the physical security of assets such as office buildings and equipment. It also looks at your organisation’s most important asset, the people.

Here are 9 reasons you should invest in ISO 27001:

  • Improved acquisition and retention of customers and work with larger customers, in regulated sectors. Customers who know their data and information is safe will work with you as a trusted partner.
  • You are less likely to get hacked. Identifying and implementing controls ensure your information is difficult to attack will dramatically reduce the risk of getting hacked.
  • Capture the laws and regulations that your organisation must comply with and put processes in place to ensure it happens. This will reduce your risk of facing legal penalties and negative publicity.
  • Manage and reduce threats to your data and information both from outsiders and people within the organisation by implementing effective pre-employment checks and security policies.
  • Demonstrate that you put your customers first, by continuously improving  the security management system that protects their information and rights.
  • Win more tenders. Achieving ISO 27001 certification will greatly help your organisation when tendering for business, particularly if your customers are in regulated sectors such as finance.
  • Improve efficiency.  Organised, secure data and information is more accessible and available. Experience less down-time and more reliable data access and improve productivity.
  • Reduce insurance premiums. Negotiate better insurance terms by securing your business critical information in line with a internationally recognised standard.
  • Work internationally. Establishing working relationships across national boundaries can be a difficult process. Complying with a recognised, international security standard can help you build the level of trust you need more quickly

If you need expert assistance with implementing and maintaining ISO 27001 why not contact SHC and discuss your situation with an experienced ISO 27001 consultant.

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