Why Should I Implement ISO 22301

ISO 22301 is relevant to any business, no matter the size or industry sector. However, it is especially important for those organisations that operate within high risk environments such as utilities, financial services, oil and gas, transportation, telecom and food production, or where continued operation is vital, for example in the public sector.
Organisations must take measures to ensure that they are prepared to continue business regardless of the challenges they face. This can be done by implementing business continuity management systems and standards to enable your business to deal with any situation that may occur.

Benefits of Implementing ISO 27001

  • Protect your assets and reputation
  • Recognise the impact of disruptions and areas to improve
  • Boost co-operation between teams within your business
  • Reap cost benefits from reduced insurance premiums
  • Demonstrate commitment to key stakeholders

Gain an advantage against your competitors in case of a major industrial crisis

Fulfil delivery of products or services even in the event of a crisis
The process of business continuity management helps to form a thorough understanding of the operations of your business and which are vulnerable to failure. It can also identify areas for improvement within your business’ processes. In addition, applying business continuity management to your business can provide you with an advantage over any competitors, as well as benefitting your reputation and helping your business continue to improve.

Through the ISO 22301 implementation process you will:

  • Form a better understanding of the business.
  • Put in place a business continuity strategy with suitable response tactics.
  • Preserve the continuity management plan through exercises and reviews into the organisational culture.
  • Discover how to embed the business continuity approach.

The SHC approach concentrates on your business’ key continuity management issues and our auditing process will help you recognise and focus on the most important areas for improvement whilst also checking compliance against ISO 22301.

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