Manchester Businesses Against Homelessness

This is a call to all Manchester businesses to help end homelessness and street sleeping in our great city for just fifty quid. Lets all ACT TOGETHER TODAY and make Manchester a better place for everybody to live and work in, for ever. If you can think of anything that would benefit everyone in our city more in a short space of time, then by all means, do that instead. Otherwise, no excuses. Get you credit card out.

Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, is targeting £100K to end rough sleeping in the Greater Manchester by 2020. At time of writing the GTMCR Mayor’s Homelessness Fund stands at measly £23,152. I think Manchester businesses can do better than that. Don’t you? Every business in Manchester can afford to give £50. We are a tiny company and we just donated. There’s over 100,000 businesses in Greater Manchester. If everyone does their bit, that’s £5M, right there!

Click here to donate GTMCR Mayor’s Homelessness Fund

Anyone who has lived and worked in Manchester over the last few decades will know what an amazing transformation the city has undergone. Today Manchester, to coin a phrase, is truly buzzin’. Both as a place to do business but also to socialise, party, enjoy art and music and be entertained. I love living and working here but every time I walk through the city centre, I’m ashamed at the level of homelessness.

We’ve all tried to help on occasion by giving the odd bit of change. I’ve even been known to part with notes after one too many during happy hour. But, whilst it eases the guilt temporarily, it’s not a long term solution. The charities also say that giving money to people on the street is not the best approach. So what is?

As businesses we all know to make things happen quickly you need you need clear focus, leadership and funding. Well, our new mayor has made rough sleeping his primary focus  – tick! He’s offered to provide the leadership and help coordinate the various charities and local governmental department – tick! All he needs is the cash. So extract the plastic and make your city a better place today
GTMCR Mayor’s Homelessness Fund

Also, if there are non-business-owing individuals reading this who would like to help, why not make a personal contribution. How about the cost of a coffee or a pint, say £3? There’s about 2 million people in Greater Manchester. If there was a £3 donation made for each person, that’s £6M. Do you think we could sort out rough sleeping with that? I do.
GTMCR Mayor’s Homelessness Fund

Please SHARE this message with all your business partners, customers, suppliers, everybody you deal with. Let’s make it work together.






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